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The Capitol Saloon ~ The bar set is our version of Harry P. Hynds' circa 1888 Capitol Saloon, a three-story brick building that stood one block west, where the parking garage stands today.  Mr. Hynds ran what was considered to be the straightest gambling house in the West.  This set works well with cowboys, saloon girls, and gamblers.

​Our Sets:


Featuring cowboys, saloon girls, Victorian era, and ‘20s experiences, Emma's is here to help you create the souvenir you "Had to Be There" for!


Emma's is a small family business, lets your family step back in history.  History has always been our family passion, and we’ve tried to incorporate it into our studio experience, often including tours with our photoshoots.  Sprinkled throughout Emma's, you'll find several antiques that help take you back in time.  Even our sets are based on local history.  While each set is created with a purpose, we can mix any costumes with any set, to better personalize your photoshoot. 


We have costumes in a variety of styles, with sizes ranging from infant to enhanced.  And of course, we have props!


It's easy for Emma's to step back in time, as we are immersed in history at the Hynds.  In 1873, the renowned Inter-Ocean Hotel opened on this very corner and was said to be the finest hotel out west.  After The Inter-Ocean burned in 1916, the American National Bank opened in 1919, in the newly erected Hynds Building, constructed entirely of stone & steel to avoid future fires.  Following a major flood in 1985, the Hynds was boarded up and all but forgotten.  In the last decade, efforts have been made to renovate the Hynds, bringing in magicians, musicians, small artists gatherings, and now an Old Time Photo studio.

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