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This set is the typical old west saloon, with a bar (strong enough to hold saloon girls), back bar, & poker table.  Props can include liquor bottles & beer mugs, guns, boas & fans, poker cards.  The Capitol Saloon is perfect for cowboys & cowgirls, saloon girls & gamblers.

     Named in honor of the man who created the building we occupy, the Capitol Saloon was one of Harry P. Hynds’ first ventures when he came to Cheyenne.  In the late 1880s, the 3-story brick building stood a block west of today’s Hynds Building, where the parking garage now stands.  It was an elegant saloon, with a full-sized boxing ring in the back.  The second floor housed the gambling hall, and Harry Hynds ran what was considered to be the straightest gambling house in the west.  Proper ladies did not speak of the activities on the third floor.

Coming Soon: Steampunk Wall

     What exactly is steampunk, you ask? Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered technology.  Combine Steampunk accessories with any era costume, add some Steampunk props, use any set, and you've created your own unique Steampunk fantasy.  To enrich the experience, Emma is creating a specific backdrop for Steampunk photos!

     The backside of the 1919 Otis elevator, with its 1950s looking electric box, is destined to be our Steampunk wall. Images from the Hynds Building itself are the inspiration. The hoses are extensions of the original electric lines to the old electric box. One the door of the electric box, the outside of the bank vault door is replicated. The Otis elevator itself may make an appearance on the Steampunk wall.

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